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Matty has been a qualified Personal Trainer for over 10 years. He loves everything about the fitness industry and what it stands for. We sat down with Matty and asked him a few questions so we could get to know him a little better, and to find out what he really enjoys about working as a personal trainer, “everyone is different, everyday is different and it’s good to keep things fresh.”

What’s important for him when working with clients is to have a positive attitude. He says of his most successful clients, “if you have the mind set before you walk through the door, you’re over half way there. Going in with the CAN and eliminating the CAN’T is a key difference for those who achieve their goals faster and enjoy the process along the way.”

“I like to remind my clients that they are doing it for themselves and nobody else, and I tell them ‘you are here to better yourself‘.” Matty believes in setting short term goals as a great way for clients to see and feel progress along the way – it’s encouraging to see weight loss, centimeters disappearing or progressing up in weights for squats or dead-lifts.

In his free time, Matty loves the racetrack, “I love the horses!” and takes any opportunity to chill out at the beach.

What’s most important to Matty? “Family, I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.”

As a valued member of our PT crew, Matty is a favourite among members and staff. His passion for working within a small community is something he truly enjoys and what makes his time working at CCLF so rewarding.

What’s in the future for Matty, “to keep bettering myself as a trainer, and who knows, maybe managing or owning my own gym one day.”

Matty has a Cert IV in PT and is an approved Fitness Trainer.

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