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Power Vinyasa Yoga 

The very definition of modern yoga, Power Vinyasa Yoga is active and frenetic, aiming to enhance your stamina, flexibility, posture, and mental focus. 

Power Vinyasa Yoga burns more calories than traditional forms of yoga whilst also relieving tension and releasing toxins through sweat! So why not get involved in the most popular yoga option on every Monday of November at 4:30pm!

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Get In The Flow…Announcing Vinyasa Flow Immersion Training!

250-Hour Flow Yoga Teacher Training Program

Evolation Yoga four-week Vinyasa flow yoga immersion teacher training program with 250 hours of yoga education essentials taught by knowledgeable, senior-level yoga instructors. Learn and grow alongside fellow flow trainees as you enhance your own personal practice, gain a better understanding of yoga and all of its healing benefits and become certified to teach and further share the healing flow series with others.

Join us for a life-changing flow teacher training highlighting yoga fundamentals and teaching basics along with various sequence options for effectively leading flow (Vinyasa) yoga driven classes.

Hot 26+2 Yoga Teacher Training

UPDATE: We are SO excited to announce that we are looking to run a Vinyasa 250hr YTT alongside our Hot 26 YTT in November/December!

Running the only Hot 26+2 Teacher training in NSW for the remainder of the year, there is no better time to book in and Evolve your practice and your life.

You are ready.

If you’ve ever thought about sharing your passion for yoga with others and expanding beyond your limits, now is the time to take the next step and dive deeper.

This course is a 4 week course, either starting on the 11th or 18th of November 2019.

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Kez’s Journey

Meet Kez! With just 50% lung capacity- listen to how she has made health & well being a successful priority in her life against the ultimate odds.

Aisha’s Journey

Meet Aisha! After not seeing results from countless gym memberships, listen to how she has taken ownership of her Life and shed over 30kgs (and still going!) and now looking and feeling amazing!


Hey Guys & Gals!

Thanks for stopping by and we hope we can add some value to your day by being here!

You may have had a chuckle at the title of this blog BUT let’s be honest- how many of us have often thought “I really need to do something about my health/fitness/weight/flexibility?” but then the anticipation of it all just beats you to a corner.

So often, many of us crash and burn before we even start our fitness journey simply because we buckle under the pressure of seriously unrealistic goals, or, we think that gyms are for “fit” people only.  On top of that, we don’t have the foggiest idea where to start with achieving our goals. Sound familiar? After helping literally thousands of first timers and fitness savvy people get themselves looking and feeling amazing over my 15years in the industry- I’ve found a few simple tips on how to not only survive your own fitness journey, but dominate it!


Let’s be real here- if it’s not fun, you’re not going to come back. If the gym feels like a dentist appointment each time you lace up your Nikes- you can forget those fitness goals, let alone keep up that 12 month commitment!

We have to enjoy it, peeps! Do a group class for extra motivation & friendly coaching, update your music playlist of your favourite tracks, jump on the treadmill and login in to your Netflix account and catch up on an episode of Suits while getting those steps up, or my personal fave- train with a friend! (You’re 50% more likely to achieve your goals when you have a regular training buddy so bring a Wingman!)


This is a big one. Gyms can be petrifying. Especially if you’re just starting out. A lot of you know exactly what I mean…you’ve walked in to a gym and you feel as useless as a white crayon because you’re surrounded by gleaming rows of fitness equipment that you have no clue how to use.  GYMS CAN BE INTIMIDATING!

Then your brain starts saying things like” “Maybe you should come to the gym when you’re FITTER!”. Sounds comforting, but can I just tell you that this makes about as much logical sense as saying to yourself “Maybe you should take a shower when you’re CLEANER!” , sounds a little silly doesn’t it? That’s the whole point we are here!

Come as you are. Come with whatever level of fitness you have, even if you’d describe it as “non-existent”. Take every workout at your OWN pace. If “your own pace” means you’re stopping every 30 seconds to take a sip of water and catch your breath- then that’s OK! Try not to compare you’re “chapter 1” to someone else’s “chapter 20”- be kind to yourself. You’re already amazing as you are- you’re simply just working on being a fitter, healthier version of your amazing self and just feeling better in your own skin!


This sounds SO cliché but it’s a powerful tip! if you can, try to make your workouts a part of your day to day routine. For example, I try to plan 4 workouts into my week (I’m hit and miss!) but I ALWAYS have my workout gear with me. Just in case. You never know when an appointment will finish early or you wake up super early and can hit a gym session on the way into work. Studies show that people who go home after work/uni/school to then go to the gym, don’t actually make it to the gym. The success stories often come from people who get a workout in on the way to work, in their lunch break, or after work on their way home. If you’re time poor- opt for a 30 minute express class or even a quick 30 minute workout of your own! Make your health a part of your everyday Lifestyle and I guarantee it will be a lot easier to stick with for Life!

I look forward to hearing YOUR success story- find us on Instagram @cclfitness_gosford, Facebook or even shoot me an email at dax.jarrett@cclcfitness.com.au!

Hope This Helps


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