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New Years Resolution in the diary




This is the time of year that many gym owners are rubbing their palms together and thanking the business gods for New Years Resolutioner’s to come flooding through the doors to sign up to their gym!

But did you know 60% of new years resolutions are abandoned by the end of January? 85% have fallen to the wayside by mid-February?

We’ve all been there- and we’ve all got a long list of things we probably ‘should’ be doing to improve our quality of health and life, but we just don’t follow through. How Come?

Here are the top 3 reasons new gym-goers don’t keep up their New Year Resolutions in Health & Fitness.

1. They Go It Alone.

Studies show that people who exercise with friends are twice as likely to achieve their goals. Success requires accountability- get around people that positively impact your life! People that inspire and encourage you to be more and do more regarding your goals.

2. Unrealistic Expectations

We’ve all fantasized about that million dollar bank account or dream body we wish we had.Both are more achievable than we might think- but what is the likelihood that we will earn,and save, that much money or build that dream body in the next 12 months? Quite low right? There’s no “LOTTO” when it comes to health & wellness! Resolutions require a change in our behaviors- and we often get discouraged by the laundry list of things we’ll have to change to achieve our lofty resolutions. Be gentle with yourself- its far better to actually achieve a smaller goal, than to drop off in the first few weeks of trying to conquer that mountain of resolution you unrealistically set for yourself.

3. They Don’t Have a Plan.

Fitness is similar to baking a cake. The easy part is picturing what we want the finished result to look like- a delicious, multi layered cake with just the right moisture, consistency and sweetness! (yummm!) but we don’t always realist that their is a specific set of ingredients, mixing methods, cooking time, and preparation that is needed to get this result. Our fitness goals are the same- you’ve signed up for a gym membership (INGREDIENTS!), you are motivated (THE OVEN IS ON!)…but you honestly have no idea on how to put all of these elements together to get the right result!

In your fitness, like baking- your “RECIPE” is just as important as your ingredients and utensils. How many of us have had countless gym memberships- only to stop going after a few months because “we had no idea what we were doing” and felt like that time, money and effort was better spent on something you believed actually adds value to your life? Most of us right? Enter The Personal Trainer. These are your “master chef’s” of the fitness world. They are experts at getting your ingredients, utensils, and motivations working together the right way! They’ll design a plan (your own personal recipe!) and walk you through the process of producing those results that will have you feeling amazing.

The New Year has this amazing ability to inspire us to feel more, do more, be more, get our life in order, kick that bad habit and create better ones – we encourage you to ride this wave! We are going to help you back this up with smart and practical tools that will help you turn your New Years Resolution into results- we hope you can take these tools and knock over those goals!

We’d LOVE to hear from you so get in touch if you’re thinking you’d like some more help on your journey- we’re here for you, we’re here cheering you on, and best of all- we are on the playing field doing it alongside you as well!

Lets take massive action and enjoy the success we achieve this year!

Dax and the CCLF Family.

PS. if you’d like to speak to any one of us about your goals, Personal Training, Membership or just have questions about how best to get started- hit us up! We’d love to chat!

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